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Xbee Guarantees

“Xbee guarantees its compliance with all fuel standards.
It is recognized and certified by all OEMs!”

1. Fuel Guarantees

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FUELS improved with the Xbee natural additive are in compliance with all international specifications standards. > Diesel EN 590 and Marine Diesel Oils; > Heating Fuel Oil; HFO 180 and 380 (ISO 8217).

2. Engine Guarantees

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ENGINES cleansed up by Xbee fuel technology remain within engine guarantees from the very first running hour. > Recommended by Mak / Caterpillar; > Authorized by Wärtsilä Group; > Recognized by all original engine manufacturers (OEMs).

3. More Certifications

LABORATORIES all around the world have measured the Xbee Enzyme Fuel Technology efficiencies. Consequently, they have given their certifications: > microbial elimination; > reduction of gas emissions; > reduction of fuel consumption.
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