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Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintenance & Cleaning

Xbee fuel additive main benefit can be summarized in one sentence: the enzyme fuel treatment cleans and purifies fuels in a natural and sustainable way to consequently cleanse up engines.

Savings & Consumption

Savings & Consumption

Xbee fuel cleaner improves the engine combustion and performances. Consequently, maintenance costs and energy consumption are markedly reduced!

Gas emissions & pollution

Gas Emissions & Pollution

Xbee Enzyme Fuel Technology improves the fuel combustion and helps to reduce the environmental footprint of petroleum powered engines. Gas emissions are dramatically reduced: CO, CO2, NO, NOx, SOx, particles, etc.

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Xbee Benefits

1. Fuel Tank Cleaner

FIRST benefit of Xbee Enzyme Fuel Technology is the complete cleansing of the whole fuel system from the tanks to the engines to the exhaust! > disperse water & sludge in the tank; > eliminate bacteria & clean up fuel filters; > eliminate carbon build-up and disperse soot deposits.

2. Maintenance & Fuel Consumption

SECOND benefit of using Xbee fuel additive is the reduction of the maintenance costs on one hand, and the elimination of the fuel over-consumption. > reduce consumption of fuel filters & lube oil; > increase intervals between maintenance services; > reduce the fuel oil consumption.

3. Gas Emissions & Pollution

THIRD benefit of treating fuel with Xbee biotechnology is to use an environment-friendly product to help preserving nature by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. > eliminate exhaust smokes; > reduce CO2 and NOx emissions; > reduce emissions of dusts and particles.

Xbee Guarantees

1. Fuel Guarantees

FUELS improved with the Xbee natural additive are in compliance with all international specifications standards. > Diesel EN 590 and Marine Diesel Oils; > Heating Fuel Oil; HFO 180 and 380 (ISO 8217).

2. Engine Guarantees

ENGINES cleansed up by Xbee fuel technology remain within engine guarantees from the very first running hour. > Recommended by Mak / Caterpillar; > Authorized by Wärtsilä Group; > Recognized by all original engine manufacturers (OEMs).

3. More Certifications

LABORATORIES all around the world have measured the Xbee Enzyme Fuel Technology efficiencies. Consequently, they have given their certifications: > microbial elimination; > reduction of gas emissions; > reduction of fuel consumption.
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